Your church on the map?

Why on the map?

To support LGBT+ Christians by finding a church, we ask churches to show their policy regarding LGBT+ people. Not every LGBT+ person dares to ask fort he policy regarding this topic, when entering the church. On the Wijdekerk map, an LGBT+ person can check this before visiting.



Not all churches have a clear perspective regarding LGBT+ people . Many churches have yet to think about this topic. And even when a policy is being formulated, it is often not visible. We have seen that transparency is being very much appreciated. To prevent disappointment and rejection, we ask for clarification of the policy of every church in the Netherlands.



The following questions regard:

  • Am I being welcomed as a visitor or member?

  • Can I be baptised?

  • Am I allowed to confess?

  • Am I allowed to join the Holy Communion and to take communion?

  • Am I allowed to hold a voluntary position?

  • Am I allowed to perform duty?

  • Can we receive a blessing for our relationship?

There is space for additional information or explanatory notes. Furthermore, the answers can be changed at any moment when insights are changed. Click here for the questionnaire. ​

Join us and help LGBT+ people finding a church (again). Please, fill in our questionnaire and put your church on the map!

The churches that are on the map, can use a special logo. We would appreciate churches on the map also putting the logo on their website, so all website visitors can see that your church is a Wijdekerk church. You can download the logo with this link.

We would appreciate it if you can link to the Wijdekerk website through the logo on your website.

The questionnaire is meant for official church representatives. Are you a member of the church? You, too can help us finding new churches that are open to be put on the map. Ask a representative to fill in the questionnaire or send us your request and your church’s contact information through the contact form. This way, we can invite the representative to fill in our questionnaire.

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