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Nobody is meant to be alone or should struggle with their sexual orientation by themselves. Please know that the volunteers at Wijdekerk want to be there for you whenever possible. We have a big network around us, as well as a team of prayers.

  • Do you have a prayer request?

  • Do you need someone to listen to you?

  • Are you in need of support?

  • Do you need a supportive network around you? 

  • Do you feel alone in your journey?

We want to be there for you. Because we are equal in God’s eyes. We are meant to support and accompany each other. We want to do this through God’s love. Together, we are the church and YOU are an important part of that!

It goes without saying that whatever you share with us in confidence, will be safe with us. Read our privacystatement (Dutch)

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My name is Marleen Dijksterhuis, I’m living in Gelderland and I’m from an evangelical background. My brother has had his coming out some years ago and since then the stories of LGBT+ people really touch my heart. The worst thing you can do to yourself (or someone else) is to condemn yourself for who you are and what you feel. I love to be there for you and really listen to you with an open heart. I hope you’ll find the inner freedom to really be you.

Sa Xi Hamilton

I am Sa Xi Hamilton. I’ve been raised quite freely, but in 2016 I’ve come to know God in a Chinese-evangelical context. I’m Chinese, I’ve been adopted, I’m a christian evangelical and bisexual woman and I want to listen to what you have to say.


My name is Huub Collee. I live close to Leerdam/Geldermalsen. I've been raised in a reformed environment. Therefore my coming out was an intense journey to find out who I was and who I was meant to be. I wish there would have been an initiative like Wijdekerk back then. Then I would have known that there is a different christian view than the one that overwhelmed me at that time. I hope to help you by walking next to you for a bit, or by being a sparring partner for you. So that you can find ou

Marieus Mulder

I am Marieus Mulder and I’ve grown up in a pretty orthodox denominiation. I’ve been married with Marc since 2009. I belief that everyone is a beloved person and everyone should be allowed to be how he or she is.

Paula Blokhuis

I am Paula Blokhuis. I’m a mother of LGBT+ children and I’m involved with Wijdekerk en Wijdeouders (branch of Wijdekerk supporting parents of LGBT+ children). Together you can always achieve more and therefore I want to be there for you.

Do not hesitate & contact us and know that you are not alone!

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