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Toolkit to support parents of LGBT+ children


Would you like to help parents of LGBT+ children in your church? We have listed a few tips. As always: pray for wisdom, inspiration and good people on your path.

What can you do within your congregation?

  1. You can organise a discussion evening, and invite a guest speaker about LGBT+ themes. Look out for what parents of LGBT+ children and what they go through; and also keep in mind other family members, and grandparents. Wijdekerk would like to help you along the way in how you can organise an evening like this.

  2. If there is an LGBT+ policy in your church, but this has been some time ago, perhaps you could ask for an intercession for LGBT+ people and their relatives.

  3. You could write a piece for your local church newspaper about Wijdekerk or a related organisation. Parents of LGBT+ children will appreciate getting the conversation started.

  4. Pray for openness in your church and pray for the disappearance of hidden pain.


What can you do for parents of LGBT+ children in your congregation?

  1. Invite these parents for a chat. They can feel lonely in what they’re going through. Also, don’t forget other relatives and offer a listening ear.

  2. You can put parents of LGBT+ children in contact with Wij de Ouders, a network of parents.

  3. Put forward a new discussion topic in your group and start the conversation about LGBT+ people, perhaps even invite a guest speaker. Maybe you suspect there is a parent of an LGBT+ child and they would appreciate to find out that you value this topic.

  4. If parents of LGBT+ children have questions about the church policy and their faith, and you find it difficult to answer, then you can put them in touch with Wijdekerk. We have a big network and we will do our best to find a fitting discussion partner, among which are professionals and other organisations. Wijdekerk can also put you in touch with a vicar in your area.

What can you do when parents of an LGBT+ child don’t respect your views?

  1. Try to understand that people can think they are committing a sin for letting go of their older beliefs.

  2. Pray for love for people who are holding on to their old beliefs.

  3. Stay friendly and pray for an open attitude towards these people. It could be wise to let the topic rest for some time.

  4. Seek other like-minded people that share the willingness to live in the freedom of Christ.


What else can you do?

  1. You could occasionally post a message on Facebook in which as a parent you share a positive message about LGBT+ people. For example, with a good book about LGBT+ people. This can make people think you are open to talk about these things.

  2. Organise a Spirit Day at a school (

  3. You could share your story as a parent of an LGBT+ child on our website. You can share your story by clicking this link

  4. Join Wij de Ouders, and start your own local group of parents of LGBT+ children.


Because together we are the church, and nobody is to be left out.

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