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Wijdekerk Teamdag 30 juni 2019.


Anonymous team members

Writing of articles

There are a number of team members who anonymously contribute to Wijdekerk. Due to private circumstances, they cannot appear on the team page with a photo. They are just as valuable to us as any other team member!


Albert van Reenen

Organization Wijdekerkdag

Hey, my name is Albert. I live in Barneveld, together with Peter. I am a sheltered housing supervisor in a mental health care institution. We go to church together and we both sing in one of the bands. I had my coming out when I was 24 years old. It took that long, because I struggled with my sexual identity and my faith. We both have experienced the process of policy formulation in our church. Stories and conversations with others have helped me a lot. I like to mean something to others myself and I would therefore like to commit myself to everyone who needs to be able to be themselves. We are all loved by God and let us pass that love on to each other!


Alexander Noordijk

Workgroup TafelTijd and multicultural interests

My name is Alexander Noordijk, I grew up in a small idyllic town of Mijnsheerenland in the Hoeksche Waard. I have been living with my wonderful husband Kai for over ten years now. As a child I had the ambition to become a pastor. The way was not easy due to my orientation. Meanwhile I have found my place in Amsterdam IJburg where I want to be an inclusive church. Every person is a beloved child of God, that is my motto! In this way I work step by step on my dream: "a more tolerant society". In addition to organizing TableTime, I want to work for more inclusiveness and equality in churches. This also applies to our multicultural target group.


Anita Verwoest

Writing articles

Hallo,  I am Anita Verwoest. Born and raised in Den Haag.  Married to the funniest man in the world and proud parent of two beautiful sons, the youngest one is gay.  Personally I did not grow up in a religious family.  I found my faith later in life. The last few years I have deepened my faith and LGBT+ christian being.   I sought, read, spoke with others and concluded that it is indeed possible to combine those. My heart breaks as I watch so much rejection in churches.  Instead of embracing them and showing God’s unconditional love we chase LBGT+ people out of the church! That’s why I want to do my part as a member of the writer’s team of Wijdekerk.   


Bert Gijsbertsen

Prayer team

I am Bert Gijsbertsen and I live in Veenendaal. I'm a real people person and I'm a man who loves to take care of others. I really like gospel music, especially Gospel Country. I've been raised in the Dutch Reformed Church, later on I've been in a Reformed Church for over two years. After that I went to an evanglical church, I love their experience and expression very much. I used to be an organ player, but unfortunately I quit. Next year I want to join the Cliniclowns. I want to do this next to my job as 'Verzorgende PG' (psychogeriatric care/dementia care).

Danielle Slik.jpg

Daniëlle Slik

TafelTijd Sint Pancras

Hi, I am Danielle, married to Jan Paul. Mother to three wonderful daughters. I was raised in the evangelical church with very strict tenets. There I discovered, despite the unconditional love preached there, that reality brought rejection. This was confusing and painful. Despite that I have allways felt loved by God the father. I now know that God doesn’t reject anyone. We are the apples of his eyes held in his hand. While searching with one of my daughters we discovered and had our eyes opened by the stories from Christian LGBT+people. My warm heart makes room for everyone and Jan Paul and I will open our home for a TafelTijd group. Eating together, questioning together and being there for each other, walking side by side with one another. We want to share God’s unconditional love and daring to be vulnerable, while likely making mistakes at time, but creating a safe. I am creative and musically talented, hopefully we’ll even sing together!



Volunteer in the The Hague region

Hello, my name is David (born in 1989) and I would like to participate in volunteer activities for Wijdekerk, in The Hague region where I live. After my long quest for meaning and praying a lot, I have accepted my sexual orientation. For now, I wish to discover my true calling God has in store for me and I may practice for His Shalom. This is an ongoing process; a path I am walking with many others. Therefore I would deem it adequate to socialise with other LGBT-Christians, inside the area and from outside the area.

My hobbies are golf surfing and being in the gym. Furthermore, would not be opposed to some drinks, once in a while. I am someone who is always on time and I have a solution-oriented approach.

Disclaimer concerning search results:
My full name has been contained, due to personal safety and professional integrity. Therefore I can only be mentioned and cited as David. The extended reason I shall gladly explain when the occasion is there.


David Schalken-den Hartog

Wijdekerk Drechtsteden

I am David Schalken-den Hartog, a proud born and raised Dordtenaar and together with my partner Gerard since 1989. We live in the historic center, take care of 6 foster children and love life. We are never bored. Our kids always come first and in addition I serve as city councilman. I volunteer for several boards and the Food Bank. Once in a while I help out with the youth service at our church.


In 2010, together with Elly van Wenum, we started “Uit de Kast in de Kerk" (out of the closet in the church). We organized several discussion evenings and invited all churches in the city. From my perspective these were a great success and a good first step to create discussion opportunities to talk about inclusivity. I hope that we as Wijdekerk Drechtsteden can give a follow up on this. The church is meant to be a warm bath where everyone feels safe and accepted and can be themselves.


Ellen Walhout


My name is Ellen Walhout.  I was born and raised in Vleuten and now live in Hardenberg. I am married and the mother of two children, one of whom is LGBT. Because of this child I learned so much more about how important it is to be a Christian living out that love. 


In addition to my work as a caregiver (private health care services) I meet elderly people who are not hetero.  Their grief over their past is an extra incentive for me as mother and caregiver to leave the closet and work with Wijdekerk.  


Ennio Drost

Organiser of events, writer

I’m Ennio Drost and I go through life dancing (I’m a dancer/ dance teacher/ choreographer). I also show my love for God by writing. This way I want to encourage and invite others to come and stand with me and use this position to really see each other and see life. Then you will understand how loved we really are. And then, all you can do is dance, right?

Eric-Jan Kaat.jpg

Eric-Jan Kaat

support buddy team

My name is Eric-Jan, I was born on the 1st of June 1983. Indeed, I’m not really a youngster anymore 😉 but that doesn’t keep me from being active for We the Youth. I grew up in a very conservative and orthodox church (Ger. Gem), but since March 2022 I attend the Reformed Church in Wierden together with my husband. I live together with René and 2 lovely cats in the quiet village of Vriezenveen.

Because of my background in health care, psychology, being a call centre worker for a centre for help after sexual abuse and my connections at 113 (phone line for suicide prevention), I have been asked to support the buddy team as a kind of supervisor. I’m not a buddy myself, but I help the buddies if they have any questions. Safety and discretion are very important for me: I treat everything as strictly confidential! I really want to listen to you and I want to help you with whatever question you have. I hope to be able to help you, based on my experience in my personal and professional life. Whoever you are and whatever your background is: I want to hear your story and together we can try to find out what works for you.


Esther van Vliet

Secretary Wijdekerk Foundation

My name is Esther van Vliet, born in Ter Aar. I’ve lived in Ede since I started studying here and I work in Hilversum. I came out over 9 years ago when I also started my relationship. My whole life, including me, was turned upside down but at the same time it all seemed to fit and something fell into place. God stayed, to my surprise, as I knew Him: full of love. It was a tough few first years, we went through rejection, rudeness and misunderstanding. I’m so thankful that our relationship lasted and that Esther and I are still together despite it all. I want to transform this gratitude into action, because I believe everyone deserves this love. I’m convinced that God and sexual orientation are not opposites.


Floruska Bus


My name is Floruska Bus and I'm married to Jeroen. We have two daughters and our oldest daughter is transgender. We live in Alphen aan den Rijn. Our daughter was fourteen years old when she came out, and at that moment many things started to make sense. We have gone through this transition as a family, and I started to change my view on a number of things I believed. I had a lot of questions, but there weren't many people around me who understood me. At the Wijdekerk Foundation I met parents who really understood me and that felt good. It's a network where I feel really connected! I'll start as a volunteer with a small task, but I hope it grows into something beautiful.


Frank van Reenen

Webmaster and webdesigner, daily coordination, board member Wijdekerk Foundation

I'm Frank van Reenen and married to Geja. We are parents to two daughters and a son who is gay. Besides that, we are the parents-in-law of a hetero- and a gay- son-in-law. When our son came out, we went through the whole process rather quickly. Before that, being gay was something that seemed far away from me. In this process I experienced a lot of pain and sadness, because of the way the church and others dealt with it. I hope that I can contribute to a safe and accepted place within the church for Christian LGBT members.

Geja van Reenen.jpg

Geja van Reenen

Parentgroup Wij de ouders

My name is Geja van Reenen , I'm from Barneveld, and I am married to Frank. We have two daughters, one son, and two sons-in-law. Furthermore, we are grandparents of a grandson. When our son told us, that he was into men, and later on had a relationship with a man, we experienced a lot of rejections and sadness.  Within church, it was painful and extreme, the most. You can read more about my process in my book: "Ik zal altijd van je houden!" (which is only available in Dutch). Within Wijdekerk, I want to participate in supporting other parents, and encourage them in the love and name of Jesus.


Gerard Amersfoort

Speaker, writer, represent refo interests

My name is Gerard. I study Urban Planning and live together with Coen in Breda. I enjoy writing and hope that my articles for Wijdekerk contribute to the acceptance of Christian LGBT. I grew up in a reformed tradition and now I want to use this experience to make Christians and LGBT be more understanding towards one another. I like to engage in conversations to understand each other better and accept each other in love. I believe that Love will conquer all.

Gertine Barneveld.jpg

Gertine Barneveld

Wij de jongeren, buddy

My name is Gertine. I was born in 1991. I am an elementary school teacher and live in Rotterdam with my wife. We married in 2018. We belong to the Nederlandse Gereformeerde Kerk. In my spare time I am a soccer official, read a book or play in the church band.


It took me a long time (I was almost 22) before I felt safe enough to leave the closet. I was afraid of others’ reactions and was often very lonely. I couldn’t find the words to let people know what was going on with me. Luckily I learned step by step to open myself to others. I didn’t find all the answers but learned to embrace all worries and questions. 


As a buddy I hope to walk with others on their journeys. Your stories are safe with me and I will be there to support you. You are not alone, you are not the only one, and above all you are loved as a human being.


Harm Beskers

External contacts, finances, advisor

My name is Harm Beskers, I’m 40 years young, gay, married and with a living faith in Jesus. I’m horrified when people or institutions keep people away from Jesus and make them believe that Jesus is only there for ‘good’ people. That’s the reason why I became involved with Wijdekerk. I’ve been in the Christian-gay-world for a while now. What resonates with me in Wijdekerk? That we are more than just this, we are also His church!


Ilse Dekker

Wij de jongeren - instagram

My name is Ilse Dekker and I was born in 1998. I have a twin sister and three brothers. Since July 2021 I live in a studio in Amersfoort, in a youth community. I grew up in a family with a love fot musicals and sing in the band of my church located in Amersfoort. In daily life I work as a Welfare Worker at Accolade Zorg and I am the conductor of the elderly choir :) I find it important to be able to give extra attention to the vulnerable elderly, after all, my motto is also "love thy neighbor as (you love) yourself".

A little over half a year ago I discoverd that I like women and through browsing the internet I came across Wijdekerk. What immediately appealed to me, were the encouraging stories and messages on social media and thus that you are not alone as Christian LGBT+ youth.


Ineke Kappers-Mitchell 


My name is Ineke Kappers-Mitchell. After retiring I moved back to Ermelo, after living in the USA for 42 years. I studied theology and was ordained in the United Church of Christ in 1982. Because of juggling 2 careers, my husband  and I moved around quite a bit. I found my calling as intentional interim and served both individual congregations and judicatories. I also served as a faculty member of the Interim Ministry Network for 18 years.  The last 8 years of ministry I was joined by General (a fully trained service dog) whose ministry of love enhanced my own vocation. I am glad to join the translation team of Wijdekerk. I have been an LGBT ally for many many years and so look forward to getting to know many of you.


Inge Verhoeks

Wij de jongeren, buddy

My name is Inge. I was born in 1997, I work as a personal attendant in disability care. I Also hope to graduate this year from my bachelor degree and become a nurse.

Since 2017 I have been in a relationship with my lovely partner Loes. We are part of the Protestant Congregation in Zaltbommel. Up until I was 19 years-old I was a member of a PKN church "gereformeerde bond". For me it is important you know that your story is safe with me, that my heart is open to who you are. That you are welcome, from head to toe.I think it is important to share that real love sets free from all the brokenness we see in this world. That you are not alone, that sharing with the others can be healing.That when you feel God's love for you, you can't help but want to share/ give back this love to God himself, to yourself and to others. I want to tell you that you may be searching, that you can have doubts and may be confused.God doesn’t let go of what His hand began. You are never out of sight. You are so much more than just one label or part of your identity. Jesus can create love and light in everyone's life.

You are loved, always.


Jacqueline Riedijk

Parentgroup Wij de ouders

My name is Jacqueline Riedijk. I'm married to Egbert, and I'm a proud mom of three great sons, and two of them are homosexual. I share out of the colours of my heart and use this in my coaching practice where we seek everyone's unique colours of their heart.

As a mother of a non-average family, I know what it's like when your children come out of the closet which can bring some struggles with it. Through Wijdekerk I can contribute to a colourful church, in a beautiful way and to be there for each other. Because His love is so colourful, we can live and share the 'unique colours of our hearts!'



Support group in case of damage bij SOGIECE

I am John. For most of my life I tried to change my sexual orientation. At first by self-help books, later also by conversations with fellow christians and ultimately by contextual therapy. Of course that didn't work, but in the end I learnt to accept myself.

Using my own experiences. I hope to offer you a sympathetic ear if you need that.

Jean Paul Slik.jpg

Jan Paul Slik

TafelTijd Sint Pancras

My name is Jan Paul Slik, and live together with my wife Daniëlle in the pretty town of Sint Pancras (near Alkmaar). We have three daughters and in my daily job I help people manage their debts. From my teenage years on I attended the evangelical church. I learned a lot about the love of God and Jesus. I also experienced some very strict life rules. Therefore I discovered that it wasn’t quite the right fit for me anymore.

I experience God and feel his love while biking, and feel closest to God while experiencing nature. Through a final exam project my daughter produced I heard many personal stories from LGBT+ people. They were often painful and shocking. This led to doing a research process myself. God changed my heart and I yearned to mean something for those brothers and sisters. TafelTijd is the format that fits for me. My home and my heart are open.


Jan van Doeselaar

Editorial staff, website administrator

I’m Jan van Doeselaar, married to Henny. We live all the way in the south of The Netherlands, in Terneuzen. I have five children from a previous marriage. I feel connected to people that for one reason or another are easily judged by some fellow Christians. I have experienced this during my divorce and when a friend came out as a lesbian. There seems to be a lot of ignorance and sometimes also unwillingness to sympathise with someone else’s feelings and/or reasons.

I grew up in the reformed tradition, that was traumatic for me, but I went through a big change in my faith. God’s love is for everyone!

Because I know you can long for understanding and acceptance, I like to contribute to the work of Wijdekerk.

Jeffrey Alfrink.jpg

Jeffrey Alferinck

Support group in case of damage by SOGIECE

My name is Jeffrey, born In 1990 and I live in Rotterdam. In my daily life I work in front of kindergartners, I train educators re: educational development and how to use meaningful teaching materials and I serve koffie at 10 km high.  I was raised in a village in the eastern part of the country and knew early on that I did not feel at home there.  For about 10 years I lived in Amsterdam, but now my harbor is Rotterdam.  I was raised in the Full Evangelical/Pentecostal community. For me that was unfortunately not the place to discover my true total self.  That,s why I come to you from Wijdekerk. I would love to listen to your story.


Joël Raatgever

Wij de jongeren, buddy

I'm Joël. I was born in 2000, I grew up in Staphorst and Rouveen. Right now I'm studying to become a caregiver and a coach for specific groups. I am a buddy for young people at Wijdekerk, with Wij de jongeren. I hope to be able to help young people with their struggles regarding LGBT+ and faith.

You are never walk alone!


Kai Yung

Workgroup TafelTijd and multicultural interests

My name is Kai Yung. I live and work in Amsterdam. I once promised God to commit myself to Him. Unfortunately I could not realize this in my previous church, because of the enormous struggle with my orientation. As a lost son I finally left this church. I never thought I would be married years later to my dear husband Alexander, who is a pastor of a PKN church in Amsterdam. God never left me, He just carried me when I went through the valley. In the end I accepted my homosexuality and that is a huge release. God loves LGBT+ people and I want to make this known to everyone in various ways with my husband. At TableTime I am part of the multicultural group, because I was born in Hong Kong and know what it's like to have a different culture.

Lianne Grootendorst.jpg

Lianne Grootendorst

Information for rainbow parents

Hi everyone, I am Lianne. I was born in 1993 in a small town near Rotterdam. When I was 21, I had my coming out as a lesbian. This was a very tough time, I felt lonely and I experienced a lot of rejection by the evangelical church and my family. Now I live together with my wife in Haarlem, where I work as a physiotherapist. We attend a  reformed church (Gereformeerd Vrijgemaakt) in Amsterdam. Here we are welcome as a lesbian couple.

I really want to contribute to Wijdekerk. We found our church through Wijdekerk. We are accepted here and this feels like the end of a quest searching for acceptance in the church, that lasted for years. That's why I want to work on more acceptance in and around churches for LGBTI+ people: I know how painful and lonely this quest can be.

Linda en Jan Willem.jpg

Linda en Jan Willem Evers

Parentgroup Wij de ouders

We are Linda en Jan Willem Evers, and we live in Rhenen. One of our children is homosexual. We lead a parent circle of Wijdeouders in the middle of the Netherlands, and also want to listen to other parents who need it.


Luz Bosua

Administration Twitter and Instagram

I am Luz Bosua. Born in Columbia, but have been in the Netherlands since I was two.  My job is driving special education students and people dependent on transportation. I came out of the closet when I was 14. That created faith struggles in my family and my church.  I love helping Wijdekerk


Maarten Boer

Event coördinator

I am Maarten Boer and live in Zaandam. I work in the thriving city center of Amsterdam. I love life. My yearning for harmony and my past resulted in my working as a volunteer with team Wijdekerk. I was raised in a love-filled familie. Steeped in faith but otherworldly. I was 19 when I fled to the big city. There was no place for me, a gay man, in church, at home or in town. I flew away and learned much in unwise ways. At warp speed I got to know the angry world of adults and developed in high speed. Now in 2022 I have found balance. Hold on to hope, be kind and always make room in you heart for others. It is nice that I can help organize events for Wijdekerk. I am an event manager so it will go well. Yes!

Mart van de Kamp.jpg

Mart van de Kamp

Coordinator Wij de ouders of transgender children

My name is Mart, born in Dordrecht, living in Gouda.  Together with Rineke, my wife, are parents of four children who have all flown from the nest.  As parent with a trans daughter I found community at Wijdekerk. In Gouda I am connected with LGBTIQ+allies within the Rainbow Alliance Gouda.  As far as church Goes, I was raised in the “Reformatorische” corner of the Dutch Reformed community and find myself at home there.  But the wide and broad vision of Wijdekerk is very attractive for me.  Maybe the way I describe myself: connected where possible, sharp where it is needed, Grace filled and above all: (just) human.


Maurits Immink


My name is Maurits Immink. I grew up in Driebergen but have recently moved to Woudenberg. In addition to my study of social legal services, I almost weekly play piano in a church in Utrecht. In my family I am the only LGBT+ person. Or at least the first one openly admitting I am one. I left the closet when I was 24. Before that time I was silent about my preference for men and my homosexual behavior. I was really afraid of the negative reactions. Particularly because my father is a minister. I am trying to find a balance of my sexual identity with my identity as Christian


Micha Bos

represent refo interests

Mijn naam is Micha Bos and I was born in 1988 in Purmerend.  For the last 8years  I have lived happily with my friend Sonja in the beautiful city Kampen. I work as a (regional) care provider in a rehabilitation center, and I really enjoy my job.  Because of my past I feel very connected to Wijdekerk.  For the first 30 years of my life I lived as a woman in a reformed community. Discovering my identity was no easy journey. When, as a woman, I met my partner Sonja I “escaped” the town where I was born. Together we entered into a lengthy process to find a home within an evangelical community. Unfortunately the faith community could not hold on to us. There was no room for two women in a relationship. And so for a few years we have experienced homelessness in God’s realm, and together we have gone through my transition from woman to man.  

I am grateful for Sonja’s continued support. This has strengthened my faith and trust in God. I know that I am known, loved and lifted up by God, my father. On a personal level I no longer feel connected to the church as a system. The spiritual freedom I have experienced outside the organized church I very much appreciate. For me “being the church” means: walking together without judgment, eating together, sharing bread and cup as we meet at the cross where Grace overflows. Through Wijdekerk I hope to contribute by offering a safe space for LGBT+ people in the (reformed) tradition.  To show my face and to share my personal story and making connections through love. 

Mieke Kroonen.jpg

Mieke Kroonen

Support group in case of damage bij SOGIECE

Hi, I'm Mieke Kroonen. I was a bit older when I went through my ‘coming out’. I thought that my feelings were sinful and I have suppressed them for many years. I hoped God would heal me and take them away from me. My faith changed completely during this process; my view of God has changed, I now see God way more as a loving God.
I have met a lovely woman and I'm in a very happy relationship with her.

I am moved by seeing people struggling with their identity. I want to be there for them in the support group in case of damage by conversion therapies, aka SOGIECE.


Mike van Ballegooijen


Hi,  I am Mike Van Ballegooien and I live in Wageningen. That is where I studied Bilology  I have finished my studies there.  In addition to my fascination with  nature I find myself buried in books.  I am a bookworm.   I also enjoy being love being creative.  I am gay and have a wonderful friend. I think It is  important For the church to make room for LBGT+ people. I am offering a challenge that Faith and LGBT+ goes together well.  As part of the writers team I will write about themes that personally touch me and are important to me. 


Miranda Terpstra-van de Kerk

Founder and Chairman Wijdekerk Foundation, maintain contacts, organise events, social media and design.

My name is Miranda Terpstra-van de KerkI'm a mother of two young men and married to Ivo. I feel called to do justice to (the out-of-home) Christian fellow brothers and sisters who identify themselves as lhbt +. I'm grateful that I can contribute to this and that people may preserve their God given dignity. I'm grateful for the trust given to me by people when they share their life story, pain and also regular fear of God. I desire that every person should feel welcome, safe and equal in ecclesiastical Netherlands, because together we are the church.


Natasja Schreuder


So nice to meet you, I’m Natasja Schreuder and I live in Velsen and in Ede. I work part-time as an agogic employee for mental health at the Salvation Army. I’m also a full-time writer, I really love language and I write stories on

Since I was 21 I’ve been an active believer. I express this in a love for theology, which I connect to our daily life by living, communicating and making choices guided by my faith. I had my coming out after I ended a heterosexual marriage of 12 years. For me it was a profound quest for my personal image of God, love and identity, but also in a more general sense. The most important thing I have learned, is that the answer to ‘What is the image of God, love and identity?’ depends on the person you ask this question.

I am happy to be part of the writers team of wijdekerk. Because I believe it’s worthwile to put different beliefs regarding in perspective, especially when this is done in a respectful and loving way. Because only by these 2 things we get closer to each other.


Paula Blokhuis

Treasurer Wijdekerk Foundation, National point of contact and coordinator for Wij de ouders (parents of LGBTs)

I’m Paula Blokhuis. Married to Fred. Mother of four children and grandmother of several grandchildren.

We have a lot of conversations at home, also with other people. This can be about anything. Fred is a vicar. I have given up my daytime job to have more of these conversations. Because I know from experience how tough it can be when your child comes out, I want to contribute to wijdekerk. And I try to let my love for Jesus guide me. That’s where everything begins and ends.


René Wichers


I am René Wichers and I live in Overijssel. I'm an engineer and I work with high voltage installations. I have nearly finished my study to become a 'theologian by hobby': I am studying at the baptist seminary at the track called 'sprekersroute'. I speak in churches sometimes and I do bible studies. I'm dreaming of a church where we know God hugs us, where we hug each other and where we talk with each other in love and respect.

Rosanne Wijnsma.jpg

Rosanne Wijnsma

Blogger, writer

My name is Rosanne Wijnsma and I live with my dog in Amsterdam.  I came out of the closer when I was diagnosed with autism and accepted that I was different. I also discovered that many people diagnosed with autism belong to the LBGT+ Community.  Experiencing Tafeltijd was a wonderful discovery because I could be totally myself.  I now belong to Tafeltijd Monnickendam. I write a blog “ Explains what it means to live with autism. I also am a psychologist and researcher. 


Shiva Jabandeh


My name is Shiva Jabandeh. I was raised by an Islamic mother and an atheistic father who encouraged me from a young age to find where my heart lives. My mother always said: “As long as you remember that God is always near.” I tried to do research in other faiths, but I kept being drawn back to Christianity. I found a church and stayed. I didn’t totally feel comfortable though. Even though accepted by everyone, I was bothered by the fact they felt they had to pray for queer people. This was why I left this church and am still looking for one where I can be myself without it mattering with whom I am in love. That’s pretty uncomfortable. Therefore I want to help make it easier for others. Everyone needs to know God is love. God never forbids love.


Sija Schorel-Hillebrand


My name is Sija Schorel Hillebrand. I have a reformed background and I’m now a deacon and a member at the PKN BMvier in Rotterdam. As an advisor for the elderly at the PCOB and in friendships I have been in touch with the LGBT community. Many are struggling because they don’t feel accepted. Also because of my disabled son I know how it feels not to be accepted. I give a portion of my time to Wijdekerk, because as people we shouldn’t judge about what’s right or wrong. We are all children of God. I hope that the congregations that still reject people, will one day show that they are welcome as full brothers and sisters.


Simone van Turenhout

Prayer team

I am Simone van Turenhout and I’m married to Dik. Mother to a daughter and a son. Both children had their coming out. It’s very important to me that LGBTs are welcome at God’s. That His church is an inclusive church. Within the prayer team of Wijdekerk I want to do my part to contribute to the cause.



Wij de jongeren, buddy

Hi, I'm Thomas, I'm from 2001, and I'm a transgender boy and bi. My pronouns are he/him/his. I love playing guitar, gaming, a fan of Doctor Who, and very happy with my boyfriend since the end of April 2021. I've only just come out to my family.

I grew up in the Reformed Church Freed. I don't have much with the church anymore, but I do believe in God. When I found out I was bi, I did some research on being gay and the Bible and know quite a bit about it. Hint: God loves you whoever/whatever you are and/or do! If you want to know more about that you can always send me a message :).

I hope I can help people here who have the same struggles I had when I found out I was LGBT+, because I was quite alone myself and didn't really have anyone. You don't have to face it alone!


Tsjerk de Jong

Organisation events

My name is Tsjerk de Jong. Living and working in Meppel. I work as a personal supervisor at Vanboeijen in a severely multiple limited group. From an early age I grew up within the GKV and I am still a member of the GKV in Meppel. I have been in contact with Wijdekerk for some time now. More and more I came up with small ideas to be able to meet each other. I think it is very important that people look after each other. And how can you do that better than meeting each other through fun events. I would like to dedicate myself to organizing events for everyone who wants to be involved with Wijdekerk.

samen zijn wijdekerk
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