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Wijdekerk linkt LHBT+-organisaties


ChristenQueer is a wide Christian LGBTQ+ movement that believes that God has created every human to His own image. God's greatness is multicoloured and connecting. ChristenQueer believes in a world where LGBTQ+ people can feel safe and young LGBTQ+ people can grow up being accepted by their families and church.
Complete acceptance requires visibility of LGBTQ+ people and form them to be heard, and being able fulfil their calling as Christians. At the same time ChristenQueer accepts that not everyone shares the same vision on queerness. This colorful reality invites us to being an inclusive Christian. When we centre practicing the gospel together, the Light of God will conquer.

cda pride.jpg
CDA Pride Netwerk

Has many members who contribute to building a country where everyone can feel they belong. With members from all over the country and well-rooted in the social society, the organisation has also an antenna function concerning LGBTQI+ related current affairs for the political party of the Christian Democrats. The organisation can serve as contact and sounding board for social organisations and other political rainbow networks and departments within the CDA.

COC Groningen & Drenthe

Can you be Christian and a homosexual, lesbian, or bisexual? Can you be open about it within your own church, without being judged? Does the bible tell anything about transgenders? How do religions such as Islam and Judaism see sexual and gender diversity? These are just a few questions that religious lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders etc., and their surroundings have. With all these questions, you can get in touch with the working group Geloof en Religie van COC Groningen & Drenthe. (Believe and Religion of COC Groningen & Drenthe)

Geheim begin.jpg
Geheim Begin

The Geheim Begin project arose from the desire and need to share stories: for recognition, encouragement and the feeling that you are not the only one going through this situation.


Geheim Begin is part of LCC Plus Projects.

hart van homos.jpg
Hart van homo's

Hart van Homo’s provides information and support for young people who seek a way to cope with their sexuality. It addresses questions such asa: "Who am I?", ";How can I myself?", "Who is God for me?", and "What can I expect from the (church) community?" Including questions concerning entering either a relationship or friendship. Hart van Homo's is a place where young people can peacefully and safely find out who they are as human being - religious and gay. Hart van Homo’s believes that God calls gay people, who want to follow Jesus in the first place, not to have sexual relations with someone of the same sex.

HolyBe logo.jpg

HolyBe is the online community for LGBTI Christian youth. This website was created by a group of enthusiastic Christians from different organizations. We think it is important that there is a website where Christian youth can find information, recognition and encouragement about sexual diversity and faith.


HolyBe is part of LCC Plus Projects.

Homo in de klas

Homo in de Klas biedt alweer een aantal jaar een lesmodule over seksuele diversiteit aan op christelijke middelbare scholen, van orthodox tot vrijzinnig. Wij komen graag bij u op school langs om voorlichting te geven!

IK ken je

Ik ken je wants to increase the exposure of the organisations and activities regarding gender, and gender and sexual diversity and the Christian faith in Noord-Nederland, all aimed at increasing the acceptance of LGBT+ people.

LCC projecten

LCC Projecten is an alliance of five Christian LGBTQ+ organisations, LKP, ChristenQueer, and Netwerk Mirre. Together, they do projects to improve social acceptance of gay sexuality within Christian circuits.

homoseksualiteit en geloof twente.jpg
Lhbt+ en kerk - Homoseksualiteit en Geloof Twente

We are an interdenominational working group that was set up as a part of the LGBT+ policy of the municipality of Enschede where LGBTQ+ and religion are first priorities. This working group includes the working group Homoseksualiteit en Geloof.
The new working group has chosen a new approach where diversity is being embraced. The support for Christian LGBT+ people as well as ecclesial communities who wish to discuss sexual and gender diversity, is our main focus.

lhbt netwerk zeeland.jpg
LHBT Netwerk Zeeland

There are many different organisations, volunteers and professionals working in healthcare, who look after the requests and acceptance of of LGBT+ people in Zeeland. Why not join all forces? A network was formed to join the forces of all existing LGBT+ organisations in Zeeland. In this network, vulnerable groups such as young and old people receive special attention. All organisations within this network keep their own identities and remain responsible for their own activities.

LKP (Koepelorganisatie van de christelijke LHBT-beweging)

The goal of LKP for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people is to provide a worthy place in our society, especially in churches. Personal sexual preference should have no meaning for taking on tasks within churches, nor should it have any influence on sacraments and the blessing of relationships.

Stichting Survibes

Stichting Survibes aims for fostering emancipation, health and wellness of the Surinamese or Surinamese-Dutch LGBT+ community. One of the goals is to foster the wellness of Surinamese or Surinamese+Dutch people within the many different religious denominations, including Christianity.

Transgender & geloof

Transgender & Geloof is a companion group of Transvisie. Once a month, we meet in Zwolle to share information and experiences. Transgender & Geloof is meant for transgenders and their close relatives. We address questions on both gender dysphoria and faith. Our doors are open at all time for anyone, regardless of religion.


This website is an initiative of a group of people who came together in response to the publication of the book Verscheurd (Torn) by Justin Lee. We are all Christians, coming from different backgrounds, straights and gays. Together we look for a way to discuss LGBT+ issues and religion in a loving and respectful way.

werkgroep transgender.jpg
Werkgroep transgender, religie, levensbeschouwing en ethiek

A network for religious and spiritual transgenders that provides information about transgender, religion and spirituality.

WKHP (Werkverband van Katholieke Homo-Pastores)

Sexuality en Catholics have a tense relationship. Especially LGBT+ Catholics, including pastors, struggle with this tension. The Werkverband van Katholieke Homo-Pastores was set up in 1980 by gay pastors to deal with this tension.

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