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Sometimes what occupies you and what you experience is very difficult to express in just a story. By telling it in the form of, for example, a poem and combining it with a photo, a painting, a drawing or an artwork, it can suddenly start to speak even more. That is why Wijdekerk offers space for personal stories, as well as room to tell your story by playing creatively with words and images.

Andy Kockelkoren
Ware gelovigen
Jan Stuijver
Andy Kockelkoren
De duivel
Andy Kockelkoren
Kerstwens 2018
Hester van Beers
Ons denken
Andy Kockelkoren
Geliefd kind, zo gewenst
Simone van der Sluis
Nieuwe mij
Andy Kockelkoren
Niet van liefde los
Andy Kockelkoren
Van gisteren naar morgen
Andy Kockelkoren
Hallo oude mij
Andy Kockelkoren
Andy Kockelkoren
Gerdien Ridderhof
Vanuit Mijn liefde
Ik maak je vrij
Hester van Beers
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We believe it is important that everyone can share his/her story here. These stories do not necessarily reflect the opinions of our team members. We aim not to judge, but to accept one another in love, as Jesus Christ teaches.


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