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Wij de jongeren

the young people of Wijdekerk

Welcome to the awesome page of WDJ!

First, it’s great you found us!

Who are Wij de jongeren?

WDJ is part of Wijdekerk. Our teammates are all LGBT+ people. LGBT+ stands for all varieties of gender, sexuality and love preference nowhere to be found in fairy tales. 😉 Does this describe you?  Or maybe you are not sure? 

If so, we’ve got something really cool for you.

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Our whole team is Christian, and most of us have been raised as Christians.  That means we likely have a variety of experiences that can help you on your way.  We know it is not always easy to leave the closet in Christian communities.  There are quite a few actually where it is easy to do.  We want to be there for you, be a listening ear, and maybe share some advice.  We have two ways we can help.


Our buddy system

When you register with us we match you with a buddy.  You get to choose someone who sounds like it might be a good match for you.  You pick a first and second choice.  If you pick an anonymous team member you will learn who it is during your introductory conversation.  We hope our introductory biographies will help you choose.  It is not always possible to choose every buddy because the maximum number of young people that a buddy can take under his or her care has been reached.

After you make your choices and send us your registration form your buddy will contact you so you can plan your mutually agreed upon time to (video) call.  It is important to really get to know one another.  In this first (short) conversation we will ask if you want to be part of our WhatsApp group.

There are several buddies whose introductions are anonymous.  Some of our team members are still in the closet.  We want all of our available team members able to take care of you without concerns.  If an anonymous team member becomes you buddy you will know get to know their identity in your introductory conversation.  We respect one another’s privavcy and what is shared with us is safe.  Please read our Privacy Declaration. Your process is important to us and knowing your level of comfort is how we support you.

The WhatsApp-group

The second way to help you on your way is our cool WDJ WhatsApp group.  This group is for people between 16 and 25 when you can discuss anything that’s on your mind.  During your introductory conversation with your buddy you’ll find out how the group works.  We intend for the group to be a safe place for you and other young people.  Participation is on a voluntary basis.  You can also choose just to have contact with your buddy.  If you are younger than 16 you can be assigned to a buddy, but not yet be a part of the group.

Questions?  Feel free to mail us!  Our email is

Our Buddy's



My name is Gertine. I was born in 1991. I am an elementary school teacher and live in Rotterdam with my wife. We married in 2018. We belong to the Gereformeerde Kerk vrijgemaakt. In my spare time I am a soccer official, read a book or play in the church band.


It took me a long time (I was almost 22) before I felt safe enough to leave the closet. I was afraid of others’ reactions and was often very lonely. I couldn’t find the words to let people know what was going on with me. Luckily I learned step by step to open myself to others. I didn’t find all the answers but learned to embrace all worries and questions. 


As a buddy I hope to walk with others on their journeys. Your stories are safe with me and I will be there to support you. You are not alone, you are not the only one, and above all you are loved as a human being.



Hi, hi. I am Joël. I was born in 2000, I'm gay and I grew up in Rouveen. I work as a caregiver for elderly people. I also study to become a caregiver and a coach for specific groups.

Since 2021 I'm out of the closet. Because I grew up in a reformed environment, I know very well how lonely you can be as LGBT+ person. I was 19 when I quit attending the church my parents go to, although I'm still registered there. Slowly I started searching for a church where I feel at home.  

My coming out was hard and it wasn't a nice experience. Despite many negative reactions from my parents, family and other people in the church, I get the power to keep talking to people and to show that you can be a believer and also fully be yourself as an LGBT+ person. Now that I'm in a relationship, things even got harder. But I feel supported by my friends, God and my boyfriend.

I can imagine you feel the need to talk to someone who understands you and the things you're going through. That's why I want to be there for you! I hope I can help you by listening to you or by doing practical stuff.

For you are valuable and deeply loved by Jesus. You're not on your own!

Anoniem en creatief.jpeg

Anoniem en creatief

Hi Hi! As you can see, I will also remain anonymous here for a while, because I am still 'in the closet' for certain people in my life. Who knows, you might even see a photo here later!

I was born in 2003, somewhere in the Randstad, and grew up in a large family. Until I was 18 I went to the Reformed Church and therefore also to a Reformed school. Those years were very tough because of all the confrontation between my 'unsubtle' gayness and that conservative environment. Leaving was a wonderful liberation!

In daily life I study diligently and am very much involved in art, crochet and painting, music, history, activism - you name it! I also like to visit my dear queer friends for a nice evening.

There are all different church movements in my family, but I now visit the Reformed Church Liberated.

I am affiliated with Wijdejongeren to be able to give a bit of recognition around lhbt+ and being a Christian and I like to listen to the things - from frustration to relief - that you want to get rid of!

Thomas WDJ.jpg


Hi, I'm Thomas, I'm from 2001, and I'm a transgender boy and bi. My pronouns are he/him/his. I love playing guitar, gaming, a fan of Doctor Who, and very happy with my boyfriend since the end of April 2021. I've only just come out to my family.


I grew up in the Reformed Church Freed. I don't have much with the church anymore, but I do believe in God. When I found out I was bi, I did some research on being gay and the Bible and know quite a bit about it. Hint: God loves you whoever/whatever you are and/or do! If you want to know more about that you can always send me a message :).


I hope I can help people here who have the same struggles I had when I found out I was LGBT+, because I was quite alone myself and didn't really have anyone. You don't have to face it alone!

Inge WDJ.jpeg


My name is Inge, I was born in 1997. I work as a personal counselor in care for the disabled and hope to graduate this year as a nursing professional. In addition, I have been together with my dear partner Loes since 2017. We are part of the protestant community in Zaltbommel. Until I was 19 I was a member of a PKN church "Gereformeerde Bond".

What matters to me is that your story is safe with me, that my heart is open to who you are. That you are welcome, from head to toe. I think it's important to share, that true love sets you free from all the brokenness we see in this world. That you are not alone, that sharing with others can be healing. That when you feel God's love for you, you can do nothing but want to share this love to God himself, to yourself and to others. I want to share that it's oke to be seeking, that there may be doubts and confusion.

God does not let go of what his hand started. You are never out of sight. You are so much more than just one label or part of your identity. Jesus can create love and light in everyone's life. You are loved, always.



Hi there! For this page I live my life anonymously.  I was born in 1996 and live with a partner somewhere in the south of the country.

I love making music and listening to it too.  That why I choose this picture for my profile.  I also love to be creative, putting practical things together or sewing.  I love to cook.  I also am committed to a sustainable life style and care about the environment.

I was raised in a Reformed congregation where I am still a member.  It is not always easy to be different than the average churchgoer.  My coming out with my family went mostly ok.  It was a long time ago.

 Because I would have loved to have had something like this when I was going though my identity process I decided to join WDJ.  I am always available for gabfest but a good conversation is also something that awakes me.  I hope that we as a team can help you become who you are.




Hi,  I am Timo.  I’m glad you found us!  Here is my story:  I am Timo and I am homo.  Then you can quickly forget that part.  I don’t like labels that much.  I work with special needs children and my goal is to make each day a bit better for them.

I cam out of the closet a few years go.  I am so glad I can be myself and know God’s love surrounds me.  I was raised in a family of 5 children where I was seen and appreciate the way I am.  I am part of the Gereformeerde Vrijgemaakte Kerk and still am a member.  This is not always easy, because not everyone agrees with my orientation.  I do think it is important to stay connected and in conversation.  My “coming out” was blessed and I felt God’s presence. I know it could have been very different.  I was raised in Barneveld,  a faithful community.  Imagine for a minute that I wasn’t born at #12 but instead at #14.  My whole life would be different. 

I know that in the Christian world it is not guaranteed that one’s orientation will be accepted.  My own process at times felt very lonely. That’s why I want to be there for you. I can help is practical ways or just as a listening ear.  A nice conversation can be very good.  I hope to help you with my eyes wide open.  Your opinion and your questions are central.  If you think I could be your buddy, let’s talk soon.



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