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To support LGBT+ people by finding a church, we call on all churches be transparent about the degree in which they accept and welcome LGBT+ Christians. Not every LGBT+ person feels comfortable to ask for the policy regarding this topic, when they visit a church. On the Wijdekerk map, LGBT+ people can see the policy of the church before visiting.

This questionnaire is intended for official representatives of churches. Are you a church member? Even then you can help to put churches on the map. Ask a representative of your church to fill in the questionnaire or give your church by using the contact form mentioned we can invite a representative of your church to fill in the questionnaire.

Answering all questions takes around 20 minutes of your time. By doing so, you will help LGBT+ people finding a safe church. When you wish to change or add answers after sending the completed questionnaire, you can let us know via

We ask you to read all questions carefully before answering.

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