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There are many different churches. If you are looking for a church, but seem a little lost, Wijdekerk can help you on your search. Below you will find a list with different church denominations. For more information you can click on the listed website.


Founded: 1951

Nature: liberal, religious/humanistic

Quote: You can learn from each other, become wiser together and find out how you can live a meaningful life.

Size: around 15,000 members, spread over more than 70 congregations

Apostolic Society

Founded: 1850

Nature: evangelical

Quote: The Bible challenges you to think about what your faith means to you.

Size: 30 congregations

Covenant of Free Evangelical Congregations in the Netherlands

Founded: 1892

Nature: orthodox reformed

Quote: The Christian Reformed Churches see the Bible as the word of God. The main points are summarised within the Three Forms of Unity.

Size: 180 congregations

Christian Reformed Churches

Founded: 1987

Nature: evangelical

Quote: The Bible is the highest authority and the only basis for the questions about life and faith.

Size: 16 congregations

Federation of Free Evangelical Congregations in the Netherlands

Founded: 1906

Nature: orthodox reformed

Quote: The start of the Reformed Association should be seen as the necessity to stand up within the Dutch Protestant Church for the Reformed tradition, as it’s worded within the Forms of Unity.

Size: 475 congregations

Reformed Association in the Protestant Church in the Netherlands

Founded: 1907

Nature: orthodox reformed, experimental reformed

Quote: The most important is the fundamental idea of our association, based on the infallible Word of God and the three Forms of Unity.

Size: 152 congregations

Reformed Congregations

Founded: 1953

Nature: orthodox reformed, experimental reformed

Quote: The Reformed Congregations in The Netherlands form a church formation that worship similarly and is a revelation of the one holy, general Christian Church.

Size: 49 congregations

Reformed Congregations in The Netherlands

Founded: 2009

Nature: Orthodox reformed

Quote: These churches recognise the Holy Scripture of God’s Word and want to live accordingly. They accept the three Forms of Unity, and hold themselves to the reformed church.

Size: 12 congregations

Reformed Churches The Netherlands

Founded: start of the 16th century

Nature: personal freedom of faith, connection, striving for peace

Quote: To us believing in God is a way of life.

Size: 107 congregations

Mennonite Churches in the Netherlands

Founded: 1944

Nature: reformed, from traditional to evangelical

Quote: We know ourselves to be connected by God’s faith. He gave Himself to us in Jesus Christ and inspires us by his Holy Spirit.

Size: 270 congregations

Reformed Churches in the Netherlands (Liberated)

Founded: 2004

Nature: reformed

Quote: The Restored Reformed Church is according to the confession of faith from the one holy Catholic or general Christian Church.

Size: 119 congregations with roughly 60,000 members

Restored Reformed Church
leger des heils.png

Founded: 1865 in London

International organisation with divisions in many countries

Nature: evangelical

Quote: Everyone is welcome and can come to us for help

Size: roughly 50 corpses and over 5000 members

Salvation Army

Founded: 1967

Nature: reformed from traditional to evangelical

Quote: We were gripped by the good news of Jesus for all people and the whole world.

Size: 87 congregations, roughly 33,000 members

Netherlands Reformed Churches
nieuw apostolische kerk.jpg

Founded: 1878

Nature: orthodox

Quote: A church in which people feel at home and are filled by the Holy Spirit and the love for God, set their life up to the gospels of Jesus Christ, and by doing so they prepare for his return and the eternal life.

Size: 60 congregations, roughly 10,000 members

New Apostolic Church in The Netherlands

Founded: 1948

Nature: reformed

Quote: The Old-Reformed Congregations in the Netherlands want to explicitly for the tradition of the Reformation and the Coming Reformation, founded on God’s Word and the Forms of Unity.

Size: 60 congregations

Old-Reformed Congregations in the Netherlands

Founded: 1702

Nature: split from the Roman-Catholic Church, reject the Papal infallibility.

Quote: A Catholic church, that emphasises the Word and Sign, that involves the seven sacraments, where God’s grace comes closer.

Size: roughly 4,700 members

Old Catholic Church of The Netherlands

Founded: 2004 after a merge of several associations

Nature: from orthodox to liberal

Quote: In celebration, speech and act the Protestant Church in The Netherlands professes that Jesus Christ is our Lord and saviour. This is how we call for renewal of life in culture, society and state.

Size: roughly 1.85 million members

Protestant Church in The Netherlands

Founded: 1619

Nature: liberal

Quote: Seeing the human dimension in religion is what the Remonstrants find important.

Size: 44 congregations


Founded: 1st century

Nature: catholic

Quote: Everyone belongs to the congregation of the catholic church who finds unity with the pope and the bishops by confession of the catholic faith and receiving the sacraments which connects to Christ.

Size: roughly 4 million members

Roman Catholic Church in The Netherlands
logo ubn.png

Founded: 1609

Nature: baptism

Quote: We live by God’s revelation, as came to us through the Bible.

Size: 80 congregations

Union of Baptist Churches in the Netherlands

Founded: 2002

Nature: Pentecostal

Quote: We believe that the congregation has to announce God’s Kingdom on earth.

Size: roughly 20,000 members

United Pentecostal and Evangelical Churches

Founded: 1904

Nature: liberal

Quote: We stand for a free and undogmatic faith. That comes down to the fact that everyone should be free to believe what he or she wants to believe.

Size: unknown

Association of Liberal Protestants

Founded: 2004

Nature: reformed

Quote: We want to design our church by the reformed church order.

Size: 7 congregations with roughly 2,000 members

Continued Reformed Churches in the Netherlands
vrijzinnigen nederland.png

Founded: 2018, to be a part of the Liberal Commission of the Netherlands 2020.
Nature: Connecting people who want to share inspiration and meaning.
Quote: Everyone can create an answer to the question what it means to be liberal.
Size: around 45 congregations of different sizes  

Liberals in the Netherlands

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