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How it works


Click on one of the churches which is relevant to you, for more information. Or click on         at the top, on the left side of the map to select
By ticking a group of churches or undoing it, the preferred group(s) of churches can be chosen precisely and will appear on the map. By clicking on       and         the complete sub list will be visible or hidden.  By clicking on one of the preferred churches on the list, you'll receive more information about it.  The map can appear on full screen by clicking the         . 

The map can be zoomed in and out by clicking the map.


Baptist and evangelical congregations, and Pentecostals


PKN orthodox

PKN others

Katholiek (OKKN, RKK)

Baptist, Remonstrants, Ecumenical, and others.

Others and congregations for foreign-language speakers.

kerkje blauw.JPG
kerk buitenland.JPG

Nederlandstaligen buiten Nederland en Vlaanderen

We would like to inform you about the policy within the congregations regarding LGBTQI+ by the following aspects:

  • Welcome

  • Allowed to participate  Baptised/To confess

  • To participate with Holy Communion

  • To do voluntary work

  • To practise ministerial commission/leadership

  • To receive blessing for relationship


+ yes     

± yes, but no relationship
-- no

O we haven't reached a decision

information displayed is provided by participating churches themselves. 

samen zijn wijdekerk
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