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Toolkit to support LGBT+ people


Do you want to support the position of LGBT+ people in your church? Do you want unity and inclusion? We have set up a list with some advice. Whatever your situation is: pray for wisdom, inspiration and the right people on your path.

What can you do within your church?

  1.  Look for people that want to listen to and understand you. If you find it difficult to find people who share your vision, send us a message through our contact form. We will see what we can do for you, or what organisation we can link you to.

  2. Share your vision during a meeting. Try to get people to think about the topic. Try to formulate open questions, without judging.

  3. Propose to have a thematic meeting together with one of the Christian LGBT+ organisations around you and have them give a presentation or seminar. We can help you to get started or to get in touch with those organisations.

  4. Write a contribution for your church (news)paper, in which you address your wish for unity and inclusion. 


What can you do for LGBT+ people in your church?

  1. Invite them for a conversation, to listen to them, or just for a meal. Let them know that you’re supporting them and are willing to do what you can.

  2. Speak out, so that LGBT+ people that haven’t come out know they’re safe with you. 

  3. Ask people if they have a supporting network to rely on. Tell them about Wijdekerk or another LGBT+ network. Wijdekerk has a closed Facebook group. You can register for this group through our contact form.

  4. Be aware of signs of loneliness and depression from your LGBT+ fellow Christians.


What to do when people disrespect your vision, and ignore and avoid your attempts?

  1. Accept that it can be hard for people to let go of their beliefs. Be aware that it can be scary to critically review long-held viewing points.

  2. Realise that it isn’t always possible to convince people. Pray that your words and insights will get someone thinking. When facing a tough conversation, it might be wise to ask someone to join and support you. Hold on to love.

  3. Thank God for your new companions in the freedom of Jesus. 


What else can you do?

  1. With your vision, you can contribute to creating unity within God’s family. In this family, every unique member is respected in full equality.

  2. You can speak out on social media. Don’t get into fights, but let your contribution be constructive and loving.

  3. Share your personal story as a relative or friend and send us your story here. Or subscribe for an interview here.

  4. Spend your energy on building up! Join Wijdekerk to make a change. Help us to build an inclusive church.


Because together we are the church, and nobody is to be left out.

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