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Register your church ...

To support LGBT+ Christians by finding a church, we ask churches to show their policy regarding LGBT+ people. Not every LGBT+ person dares to ask fort he policy regarding this topic, when entering the church. On the Wijdekerk map, an LGBT+ person can check this before visiting.


After submission it can take a few days before we have processed it. As soon as we have put you on the map, you will receive a confirmation by email.

To the questionnaire .....

Unsolicited out of the closet


nrc.nl School pushes children out of the closet without being asked

A shocking story about forced coming-outs at a reformatic school.


Do you recognize yourself in these stories? Know that Wijdekerk has experienced experts (including young people) in the team and network who would like to be there for you! Several also come from a reformational background. You are not alone. Your sharing is confidential. Do you need support? Mail to info@wijdekerk.nl



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The Bible and homosexuality

A colleague sent me a link to a sermon by Matthew Vines entitled 'The Gay Debate'. That was an eye opener for me!

I discovered a third way: a positive attitude towards gay relationships, especially for learning to understand the Bible even better. Step by step I became convinced that God grants everyone a relationship of love and faith.

​I have therefore been recommending the sermon for a while to anyone who has the same struggle. I hope that the document will make many Christians in the Netherlands think. Not because this sermon is the only truth. But for the simple fact that it is not black and white. That there is a third way ...

Read the Dutch artikle on our website or download as pdf. Watch the sermon on Youtube or have a look at the original English transcription.


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LHBT+ Gebed

God, mijn God, verlaat mij niet, ook niet als mij Uw zegen ontzegd wordt, ook niet als ik zondig genoemd word, en word veroordeeld om wie...
Wijdekerk Foundation

Wijdekerk Foundation is an initiative of a group of Christians, themselves LGBT + people (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) or closely related to LGBT + people. We believe everyone should be able to be themselves in his or her church. We have combined our experiences and strengths and share them on this site.

We want to do this from our love for Jesus Christ. Together we are Wijdekerk.

Personal stories

We want to show you on this website how LGBT+ people and those closely related experience their congregation. How does it affect them when they are treated differently for being LGBT+? We call everyone to share their personal stories. We want to create understanding and would like to start an open and respectful discussion.

Besides that Wijdekerk offers a network on Facebook, Instagram, mail, personal meetings, TableTime, we the parents, and the annual Wijdekerk day.

Churches on the map

Wijdekerk foundation invites all congregations in The Netherlands to be open and transparent regarding their LGBTs policy. We do this by giving churches the opportunity to register and submit their church on the map by filling in a questionnaire. This way LGBT+ people can find out this policy before visiting a church.

Show what lives in the church, because together we are wijdekerk!

Wijdekerk supports you.

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